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What’s in it for you?

  • Builds

I make a house in the sims 4, with varying styles, packs(downloadable content), and funds. (will eventually be speedbuilds)

Have you ever tried a challenge in the sims 4? I suggest it! If you get bored, it’s my solution. A challenge is a way to play with rules, and requirements. (will eventually be let’s plays on youtube)




Create a new game

Create a male young adult sim in create a sim

Once in game, create a (simoleon) $10,000 home

Then, shift+ctrl+c , money 200

Good luck!

Requirements for making a lot more money: (if you don’t want the long way)

Get married (not too hard, right?)

Have a single child (girl) Lets the spouse bring in all the money they have

Have a single child (boy) Let’s spouse bring in nothing

No cheating the gender, avoid strawberries and apples. (female pregnant)

You can cheat the spouses money you didn’t have when you cheated it away, once you get married and have a girl. (you have to wait if you have twins!)

  • How tos

How to create a non block house, or make a square house look good. Porches, windowing, and roofing, styles, how to fit the needs of you sim to the house, and their style, and the list goes on a long time after that. (possibly more in-depth howtos on youtube)

  • PDF Guides/Checklists for ‘how tos’

Eventually, will be paid. Free and paid versions. Plus not just ‘how tos’ character sheets.