Current Rags to Riches (#1)

The Sims 4 (my) Rags To Riches ‘Legacy’

Victoria Slater, the sim in the picture above, is a very unoriginal sim. I used a preset for her face and her body.

Her Backstory:

Victoria woke up one morning, with her oven on fire. It destroyed everything. She had no family, so where is she to go? The only ‘backup funds’ she had was $1500. So she moved to Windenburg, bought a small plot of land, and is now fishing and collecting her way to fame!


The Rules

Create a new sim, young adult in create a sim, move them to a small lot shift+ctrl+c  , money 0

, and start a job, and/or fish, collect until you have the funds to start a hobby that makes more money (writing, painting, woodworking, gardening, etc.)


A Little Story

This is Victoria & Darick


They met by her adopting her first dog. She had many more dogs after that!




Legacy Challenge (The sims 4) #1

I wanted to start something new today, so why not start the legacy challenge?

(The original rules here)

Starting out: 


Create a sim, of any gender.(Teen or young adult is fine)  If you have any stuff packs, game packs, or expansion packs, you can’t use them. That is rule one. No clothing, hairs, jewelry, or ‘other’. Make the sim look a little ‘homeless’, it’s hard to the base game. One styled look is okay, any more is cheating.

My sim’s name is Anna Smith. She is kid #0. of 10 generations.

So, I randomized her first. I got the desired sim, edited her, gave her new clothes, current look:

EveryDay   Formal   Party 

Next, choose a world. Any world will do.(I chose oasis spring)  Once in game, hit shift+ctrl+c , the cheat console will pop up (The white box in the left corner) type testingcheats on

Then type ‘money 5000’. What was the lot’s price? You are now in debt by the lot’s original price and 5000 simoleons. Spend it wisely!  ANy lifespan is okay (to change it, go to the … in the right corner, click ‘game options’, ‘gameplay’ and change whatever you want. I suggest playing on the ‘short lifespan.’  And aging on for other sims you’re not playing.
















The original rules here