Introducing The Richards Family

^Sporting Space on gallery

One of my oldest current families is the Richards. Melony Richards (married name), the founder, and Gavin Richards (from oasis springs, base game)

They can be found here (Sporting Space is where Kobe’s child lives now)

               How this family came about:

 I know that I had gotten ‘Outdoor retreat’ Game Pack recently. And that my dad had to switch computers, The Sims on the last one. I lost all my saves. Not a big loss, because my mom told me she knew I wouldn’t be too upset because I can start all over again! And she was very right because one of the saves I made was the Richards family. A couple of the many reasons I have played this save for much longer than others:

They had a lot of kids

        It’s a Challenge



About this Family

Other than being a large family, they have a little story. Melony Richards moved from somewhere, to Oasis Springs. She had $0 (simoleons) with her, after moving into a lot. Having so many kids helped me ‘focus’, in a way. I could focus on family gameplay. After I had enough money, it was too easy to play. So, I just had a lot of kids.

How many kids?

Eight. (Gavin I had Gavin II with Zoe Patel. ) Two are adopted, Kobe and Kara. Kobe was adopted as a ‘teen’ (I aged him up after his adoption.) Gavin II (Jr.) Was in the family before Kobe, and Isis was born because I wanted a genetic child from them. (I was curious to see the looks)

Order of kids:
Gavin II, Kobe, Isis, Jason, Kara, Richard, Zachary, and Zeek. They had five boys Kobe, Jason, Richard, and Zachary) and three girls (Isis, Kara, and Zeek)

The three youngest I haven’t paid a lot of attention to. I moved to the second generation before the youngest was a young adult.

The ‘Challenge’

 Rags to Riches is what I call it. But, that’s something different. I simply moved Melony into a lot, turned cheats on, then ‘money 0’. I did use a bit of cheats.


Current ‘estate’

Coastal Mansion on the gallery



The four in the background are the four youngest of Melony and Gavin I.







Legacy Challenge (The sims 4) #1

I wanted to start something new today, so why not start the legacy challenge?

(The original rules here)

Starting out: 


Create a sim, of any gender.(Teen or young adult is fine)  If you have any stuff packs, game packs, or expansion packs, you can’t use them. That is rule one. No clothing, hairs, jewelry, or ‘other’. Make the sim look a little ‘homeless’, it’s hard to the base game. One styled look is okay, any more is cheating.

My sim’s name is Anna Smith. She is kid #0. of 10 generations.

So, I randomized her first. I got the desired sim, edited her, gave her new clothes, current look:

EveryDay   Formal   Party 

Next, choose a world. Any world will do.(I chose oasis spring)  Once in game, hit shift+ctrl+c , the cheat console will pop up (The white box in the left corner) type testingcheats on

Then type ‘money 5000’. What was the lot’s price? You are now in debt by the lot’s original price and 5000 simoleons. Spend it wisely!  ANy lifespan is okay (to change it, go to the … in the right corner, click ‘game options’, ‘gameplay’ and change whatever you want. I suggest playing on the ‘short lifespan.’  And aging on for other sims you’re not playing.
















The original rules here