Current Rags to Riches (#1)

The Sims 4 (my) Rags To Riches ‘Legacy’

Victoria Slater, the sim in the picture above, is a very unoriginal sim. I used a preset for her face and her body.

Her Backstory:

Victoria woke up one morning, with her oven on fire. It destroyed everything. She had no family, so where is she to go? The only ‘backup funds’ she had was $1500. So she moved to Windenburg, bought a small plot of land, and is now fishing and collecting her way to fame!


The Rules

Create a new sim, young adult in create a sim, move them to a small lot shift+ctrl+c  , money 0

, and start a job, and/or fish, collect until you have the funds to start a hobby that makes more money (writing, painting, woodworking, gardening, etc.)


A Little Story

This is Victoria & Darick


They met by her adopting her first dog. She had many more dogs after that!




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