Starting The Sims 4 #2 (Home)

How to set up your game after creating your sim

(check out the previous post!)

The next step is to choose a home that’s highlighted in green, you can afford those. I suggest starting with a small home in the beginning. (just click on the home)

Hit ‘ furnished’. If you don’t have more than 3,000 in funds left, I suggest getting your sim a job. Otherwise, you won’t be able to pay bills AND feed you sim. Click on the briefcase in the bottom right corner, ‘join a career’.  I chose the ‘painter’ career because my sim has the ‘Painter Extraordinaire’  aspiration. He wants to paint.

I have 6,337 left. If you have all the necessities, both for your job (I need an easel, found in hobbies & skills)

Necessities: Bathroom (shower, sink, toilet)

Kitchen (Fridge, counter, stove, trashcan, sink)

Bedroom (bed, room for skill building objects, such as an easel)

Outdoor trash can


BONUS: There is a trashcan that is $1200, it gives you money when you use it. You don’t need any other trashcan if you use this one.

You can also get a home from the gallery. (my hashtag is #908 (when searching for a home, you can look it up in the search bar, click on the other options, hashtag and then just type 908, you can find my at Safe Simmer too. I have several starter homes already.


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