Starting The Sims 4 #1

Starting The Sims 4, for beginners.

Just loaded The Sims 4? No problem! From the most silly-simple explanations to the professional cow-planters, you’ve loaded a game with many different possibilities!

You can choose to make up to 8 sims, ranging from elder to toddler. You can make a family, you can start with one sim, the choice is yours. However, I suggest starting with one Young Adult Sim. Teens and older can be in the house by themselves, but it’s difficult to raise them that way.

Onto your sim:

The little grey plumbob in the left-side top corner is what will tell you the age, gender, voice type, walk style, and more in-depth gender settings.

Below the voice settings, there’s the (from left to right) Aspiration then traits. You get a fourth trait with your aspiration, just above the bigger hexagon. I suggest choosing your Aspiration & traits after you customize your sim.

Customizing your sim:

 You can change the face shape, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, cheeks and such, as well as the size color and pupil size of the eyes. There’s also ‘detail edit mode’. That is for later!

Not to mention all the colors for your sim’s…Nearly everything! 35 Skin colors! (possibly changes between Downloadable content ((DLC)) and updates ) Freckles, beauty spots, 16 eye colors, not to mention all the makeup! *Anything you see for female sims in the clothing/makeup/hair sections, are available for men as well. Just remove the tag if you want!

*The extra content I have in game is DLC, bought content. Made by Maxis, for the game. I do NOT use Custom Content (CC), or Mods (modifications to the game)

Clothing ranges from multiple colors per item, which are called ‘swatches’. Just hover over the clothing item, and little colors with appear under it. Pink can turn to blue!


Your sim could be (nearly) whatever they want! (whatever YOU want)

Painter? Check! Creative, Perfectionist, and Art Lover! But it doesn’t need to be that way! Your aspiration doesn’t dictate your traits, and your traits don’t dictate your aspiration! They could have nothing to do with one another. You can just choose random ones, if you want.

 Tech Guru! Renaissance Sim! Big Happy Family! Just to name a few aspirations.


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